We all dread it, but it's time again to choose gifts for your hopefully-not-too-picky friends and relatives. I've found that holiday shopping is a lot easier when someone else does the research for you. Our gift center will (fingers crossed) take some of the sting out of the whole process.


We started with BCG favorites: products that Backcountry Gear employees use and love. Then we added stuff on our personal wish lists, and finally thought back a few years asking ourselves, "Which gifts did we give that were huge hits?" The resulting list was a Gift Center too big to browse! Sooo, we categorized it into price range, activity, and gender. It's almost guaranteed that you'll find something awesome in our hand picked selection. A smattering of our favorite--errr--favorites are highlighted in this post.


The Pocket Disc Sports Edition is a safe bet. Practically nobody owns one, they're fun indoors and out, and they sell at a stocking-stuffer price. BCG Employee Jonathan had this to say, "Now I can play disc golf in my house!"



All hail the MSR Windburner, a made-in-the-USA wonder of a stove. This all in one unit is completely impervious to wind and can boil under nearly any condition. We boiled water in front of our giant shop fan. The other stoves we had lined up wouldn't even stay lit! This is a perfect solo kit - 1L pot and 2.5 minutes to boil. BCG Employee Jake had this to say, "It's how I cooked my Thanksgiving turkey!".  *will NOT fit whole Turkey



Metolius Rock Rings can keep your already chiseled figure in peak condition through the winter, and as a bonus over traditional pull-up bars these Rock Rings reduce the risk of injury by allowing your joints to rotate naturally. BCG Employee Bryce commented succinctly, "They're not rings at all!"



Backpack Bocce from GSI can get you up and moving again after a long day hiking. Instead of giving in to your sore muscles by sitting down, consider a mellow game of bocce instead. Great for backpacking or the backyard. BCG Employee Jake had something to say about this too, but it was pretty inappropriate so you'll just have to guess.



If you're shopping for a mixed-climber that spends much time at the rock gym, we have something that will blow their mind and *might* make you gift-giver of the year. Ice climbing indoors? Non-destructive? Inexpensive? Furnace Industries' Dry Ice Tools are one of those products that makes you simultaneously wonder why they haven't been invented until now, and why you didn't invent them! BCG Employee Rich says, "Why didn't I think of that!?"



Spend much time in the backcountry and eventually you'll get tired of pumping water through your filter every morning and night. Platypus isn't the first company to make gravity fed water filters, but they have a high quality system -- the GravityWorks 4.0L -- that takes the guesswork out of purchasing and the hassle out of filtering. Besides the obvious recreational uses, this is perhaps the most important item to have in case of a natural disaster. BCG Employee Gabe was reminded of a quote, "Once, during Prohibition, I was forced to live for days on nothing but food and water."



Nothing says "I love you" like the Mammut ELEMENT Barryvox Package. Ok, so maybe that's a stretch, but out of bounds skiing can be dangerous without the right tools. Show someone you care and keep them safe with an avalanche beacon, probe, and shovel. For the backcountry skiing initiate, there is no better gift. BCG Employee Mike says, "for God's sake practice with the beacon before you go out!"



We feel your pain. Shopping for others is tough. We're here to help though! Give us a call or send us an email. We'll get your questions answered and you just might get some bonus inspiration from our encyclopedic customer service reps! Remember, at this time of year we're all shopping too!