Gettin' Clinical... Again.

Gettin' Clinical... Again.

Posted on 8/14/2015

We had a visit a few weeks ago from our Backpacker's Pantry Rep, and he set up a taste-testing-table for a few new flavors, and a few classic meals. I had no idea they've been around since 1951!

The stage is set.
Their chef, out adventure.

Their chef, our adventure It's pretty tough to make a truly tasty and filling freeze dried meal. Most of the time you'll see a huge list of unpronounceable ingredients and an (un)healthy dose of preservatives on the label. Backpacker's Pantry does their best to use natural, recognizable ingredients, and they even have a small selection of gluten free options. My recent favorite meals are the Chicken Risotto and the Thai Style Coconut Curry with Beef. The Risotto is crazy delicious anytime, but after a day of hiking, wow! Satisfaction.

Five varieties on one plate!

It's funny how taking a few minutes for a snack really livens up the office. It was a pretty good time. Co-worker Katie is sampling the Pad Thai, the Chicken Risotto, the Cuban Coconut Black Beans and Rice, the Chicken Vindaloo, and the Thai Style Curry. The Pad Thai might have been the overall favorite in our office, and we were told it's their best selling meal. It's also #1 in calories and #1 in protein, so unless you're allergic to peanuts, this is the meal for you.

Extreme Excitement
Excitement level: Extreme!

Another South-East Asian classic meal made it on to their menu: Pho! The healing properties of this beef noodle soup should not be underestimated! No doubt one of these will be in my pack for cold weather outings. It was also ranked very high on our in-office favorites list. One cool thing to note about the Pho is that they include a freeze dried lime packet (organic), and a packet of Sriracha Sauce. Nice touch guys.

The best fit!
Trying on a Backpacker's Pantry Tee. Perfect fit.

The feeling I got in the office is that we had all separately decided on Backpacker's Pantry as our go-to brand for meals on the move, and we had all come to that conclusion years ago. The clinic mostly reinforced that feeling, but I can't help but wonder when someone will come along to steal their crown. They're headed the right direction with their more adventurous and "Ethnic" meals. Meals that you can't easily make yourself, and meals with a bit of intrigue. It's a good strategy to win over the picky-choosy-I-just-had-that eaters out myself. Now, please excuse me while I go look for a small snacky. Writing this made me hungry.

The best fit!
It's a race!