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Experienced backpackers and campers know that sleeping pads are crucial for a warm night in the backcountry. But sleeping pads aren’t perfect. They are vulnerable to damage from the elements, slow to inflate, and cumbersome to arrange in the tent. That’s where our sleeping pad accessories come in. Sleeping pad covers can add extra comfort or protect your pad from damage. Plus, with a cover, you don’t have to worry about your pad getting dirty. Just slip the sleeping pad cover off, wash it, and you’re good to go for your next trip. Sleeping pad pumps are another fantastic addition to your camping gear. At the end of a long day outside, you want to be able to curl up in your tent as soon as possible. With a sleeping pad pump, you can pump up your pad much faster, leaving more time to get cozy in your sleeping bag. Many pumps also pack down into their own sleeping pad pump sacks– perfect for backpacking. And finally, a sleeping pad coupler is priceless to the camper who’s constantly falling into the gap between two pads while trying to cuddle up with their tent buddy. Sleeping pad couplers connect two pads so you never have to rearrange in the middle of the night again. Make sleeping pads hassle-free with these accessories from Backcountry Gear.