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As you get to know the ins and outs of your backpack, you will start to learn which backpack parts and accessories you can add to make your pack even better. Backpack accessories like stuff sacks, and water bladders can make finding and accessing things in your pack easier. External backpack attachments like rain covers protect your pack from the elements. Accessory straps and carabiners can help you carry extra gear. And a backpack pouch is designed to act as an external pocket that let you keep important gear easily accessible. These pouches clipped to the outside of your pack to keep essential gear within arm’s reach. Some of our backpack accessory pouches are specifically designed to hold gear that’s only important to have along some of the time, like bear spray or a helmet holder. Owning an extra backpack attachment that clips easily on and off your pack is easier and more efficient than carrying a bag big enough to accommodate every possible adventure.

Finally, don’t forget to show your backpack a little love with backpack parts, strap accessories, and pack repair kits made to counteract the wear and tear of an active life! Shop our accessories from brands like Gregory, Granite Gear, Osprey, and more.