Tall House Pour Over Please

Tall House Pour Over Please

Posted on 7/21/2016

My favorite way to make coffee at home is the simple pour-over method. There's almost no cleanup, it makes great tasting coffee, and it's dead simple. I enjoy a good cuppa, but I'm not a coffee scientist and I'm not here to change any minds on brewing methodology...stick with what you like best. If a cone drip IS your usual method, then it might be worth checking out Soto's Helix Coffee Maker. 


Helix sitting on 120mL cup (very small). Don't be fooled!

It's about three ounces, so it's "heavy" for an ultralight backpacker. On the plus side it's almost indestructible. There aren't any plastic parts to accidentally break or melt, and because of it's whisk-like construction it dries quickly and easily. It's metal, so moderate abuse is not a problem. If the worst does happen it can simply be bent back into shape. The exposed filter (#2) doesn't leak like you might think, and it's pretty neat actually to see it in action. I found it to be very stable on Soto's Double Wall Titanium AeroMug 450ml (standard coffee mug size), but it wouldn't really fit on anything too much smaller in diameter. Larger mugs and cups on the other hand would be no problem (up to about four inches).

The Helix works well enough that I would use it at home if I didn't already have a perfectly good cone for drip coffee. That's really the main reason I give the Helix a "buy". It would work for a backpacker, car camper, RV, or...in your kitchen. Most of the other coffee makers we sell are too specifically designed for one purpose. Soto's minimalist design actually does more, and that's pretty cool. 

One last thing to mention: you can save $10 if you buy their AeroMug 450 and Helix Combo.