Safe Tech Trad



Light, comfortable, and Safe Tech strong

Metolius' Safe Tech Trad harness combines the excellent fit of the Safe Tech series with narrow components for unmatched comfort and freedom of movement. With the Safe Tech series, Metolius has all but eliminated the concept of low-strength components. By engineering safety into each and every harness, Metolius hopes to eliminate basic mistakes, which can and do result in injury or death. Additionally, their patented adjustable-rise system allows you to adjust this critical component to your exact dimensions. This system is unique to the Safe Tech line.


Brand Name:
Gear Loops:
Belay Loop:
16.5 oz. (467 g) - Medium
Leg Loops:
Adjustable / Padded
Made In:
Other Features:
• Engineered to provide every possible extra margin of safety
• Each component has been designed for maximum strength without excessive weight or bulk.
• All structural systems of the harness have been made as redundant and error-proof as possible.
• Wherever possible, each component is engineered to withstand a load of 2000 lbf (9 kN). This is typically the maximum impact force rating of a modern climbing rope.
• Non-directional tie-in points maintain their strength even if the rope is routed incorrectly.
• The patented 3-D system adjusts rise length and leg size to keep you upright and balanced in a fall
Note: the gear loops and haul loops are NOT intended for tying in or anchoring.

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