Magic Bellow Fire Starting Stick

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Ready to blow those smoking coals into flame without putting your head in the firepit?

Then grab the Olicamp Magic Bellow Stick; stainless steel, telescopic straw used for blowing oxygen safely and precisely where you need it when starting a solid-fuel/wood fire. A perfect companion for camping and backcountry use. Rake in praise and respect with that instant burst of flame while the rest are still huffing and puffing over their ill-fated embers.


Brand Name:
6 sections: 0.7 oz. / 20 grams
8 sections: 0.7 oz. / 20 grams
6 sections: 0.39 x 5.2 inches | 10 x 132mm
8 sections: 0.47 x 3.7 inches | 12 x 94mm
Extended Length:
6 sections: 25 inches | 635mm<
8 sections: 19 inches | 483mm

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