Ether Light XT Insulated Mat

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Ultralight, warm, and compact with 4 inches of comfort

The Sea to Summit Ether Light XT Insulated Air Sleeping Mat brings Air Sprung Cell™ comfort to the realm of thicker air sleeping mats. Quiet and lightweight, this sleeping mat uses two types of insulation to provide three-season warmth.
The uprated 30D / 40D face fabric is quiet and durable, and the lamination technology continues Sea to Summit’s class-leading reliability.

As of January 1 2020, all sleeping mat manufacturers will test mats for R-Value in independent labs using the ASTM standard F3340-18. Having one test standard provides clarity and transparency to consumers and allows comparisons across brands. Since the standard was published, Sea to Summit has continued to work with other sleeping mat manufacturers and with accredited labs to ensure that the testing is accurate and representative of actual mat performance.
The new test protocol will see some changes to previously published R-Values. It’s important to note that where values do change, it doesn’t signify a drop or increase in warmth—it simply means they have been tested using a slightly different scale.
The packaging of some mats will still carry the previous R-Value, but the mat itself has not changed.


Brand Name:
Sea to Summit
Pad Thickness:
4 in / 10 cm
Pad Width:
Small: 21.5 in / 55 cm
Regular: 21.5 in / 55 cm
Large: 25 in / 64 cm
Rectangular Wide Reg.: 25 in / 64 cm
Rectangular Large: 25 in / 64 cm
Insulation Type:
Thermolite® HL-1 and Exkin® Platinum
Insulated Pad:
Gray / Orange
Small: 16.6 oz / 470 g
Regular: 17.3 oz / 490 g
Large: 22 oz / 625 g
Rectangular Wide Reg.: 22.2 oz / 630 g
Rectangular Large: 24.3 oz / 690 g
Small: 66 in / 168 cm
Regular: 72 in / 183 cm
Large: 78 in / 198 cm
Rectangular Wide Reg.: 72 in / 183 cm
Rectangular Large: 78 in / 198 cm
Bag Stuff Size:
Small: 4.5 x 9.5 in / 11 x 24 cm
Regular: 4.5 x 9.5 in / 11 x 24 cm
Large: 4.75 x 11 in / 12 x 28 cm
Rectangular Wide Reg.: 4.5 x 11 in / 11 x 28 cm
Rectangular Large: 4.75 x 11 in / 12 x 28 cm
Other Features:
• At 4 inches thick, Ether Light XT Air Sprung Cells™ provides a plush sleeping experience
• Lighter, quieter and durable 30D / 40D face fabric with Sea to Summit's liquid-extruded lamination is quiet, durable and extremely reliable.
• Quick and easy inflation, deflation and adjustment made possible by the patent-pending multi-function valve and supplied Airstream Pump™/stuff sack.
• PillowLock™ included to prevent your Aeros™ Pillow from slipping (pillow sold separately)
• Fabric: 30D / 40D nylon with anti-microbial liquid-extruded TPU lamination

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