Comfort Plus XT Insulated Mat

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Packs down small and offers big comfort; dual layers for fine-tuning

The Sea to Summit Comfort Plus XT Insulated Air Sleeping Mat is the perfect mattress for campers who need an insulated sleeping mat that packs down relatively small but inflates to provide a really comfortable sleeping surface with plenty of room for even the most active sleepers.
Two layers of XT Air-Sprung Cells give you unparalleled support (the lower level can be firm for protection against the uneven ground, the upper level fine-tuned to your personal comfort preference) plus redundancy in case of damage to one layer.
The uprated 30D / 40D face fabric is quiet and durable, and the lamination technology continues Sea to Summit’s class-leading reliability.


Brand Name:
Sea to Summit
Pad Thickness:
3 in / 8 cm
Pad Width:
Wide Regular: 25 in / 64 cm
Large: 26 in / 65 cm
Insulation Type:
Exkin® Platinum
Insulated Pad:
Wide Regular: 35.8 oz / 1015 g
Large: 39.3 oz / 1115 g
Wide Regular: 72 in / 186 cm
Large: 79.5 in / 202 cm
Bag Stuff Size:
Wide Regular: 5.5 x 11 in / 14 x 28 cm
Large: 6 x 11 in / 15 x 28 cm
Other Features:
• R-Value of 5.0 is perfect for year-round adventures
• Exkin Platinum® insulation reflects your radiant heat back to you, Thermolite® insulation prevents convective heat loss
• Larger Air Sprung Cells™ for eXtra thickness. These interconnected chambers support your weight and conform to your body.
• Dual layers that can be pressurized independently allowing you to fine tune for comfort and have firm protection from rough terrain.
• Tough 30D / 40D face fabric with Sea to Summit's liquid-extruded lamination is quiet, durable and extremely reliable.
• Quick and easy inflation, deflation and adjustment made possible by patent-pending multi-function valve and supplied Airstream Pump™/stuff sack.
• PillowLock™ included; prevents your Aeros™ Pillow from slipping (pillow sold separately)
Air Sprung Cells™ are the core technology used in Sea to Summit Air Mats and are the reason you will sleep more comfortably on a Sea to Summit mat than on a conventional air pad. Inspired by the hundreds of springs found in a modern pocket sprung mattress, the hundreds of small interconnected chambers (called Air Sprung Cells™) perfectly support your weight and conform to your body contours.
Exkin® Platinum: a very lightweight non-woven fabric that has a thin metalized layer applied to the surface. Exkin® Platinum thermal technology reflects radiant heat back to the user. Unlike reflective films used in conventional sleeping pads, Exkin® Platinum is silent.
Thermolite® HL-1 high loft insulation: a fiberfill constructed with a unique 3D crimp of hollow-core and solid fibers, which provides excellent lightweight warmth with superior durability.

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