Windsack 3

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Ultralight temporary/emergency shelter for 3

This traditional piece of equipment is given a place in most everyone’s backpack in Scandinavia when walking, skiing or climbing in the mountains. It provides superb protection against wind, snow, and other poor conditions. The Windsack 3 is windproof and water repellent. It has an extended range of applications: protection from the elements on a break, emergency bivouac in a sudden snow storm, a sleeping bag cover in a snow cave, or as a shelter from the wind when you are working on your tan! It is excellent protection against hypothermia when you have to sit out a storm in the mountains. And it is so light that you do not have to do without it on any kind of trip. Three people with smaller backpacks or two people with larger ones have room in the Windsack 3. The Windsack is both roomy and light. At the top there is a zipper with four runners allowing you to stick out your head or to vent out air, and the bottom has a draw cord to cinch around the feet. The top corners have pockets for ski tips.

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Brand Name:
Tent Sleeps:
3 Person
Mfg Sleep Capacity:
3 Person
580 g / 1 lb 5 oz
210 cm / 83 in
195 cm / 77 in
Mfg Sku/Part Number:
Other Features:
Temporary Shelter: For a quick shelter, use the Windsack's corner loops to rig a windbreak. For more shelter, simply deploy the Windsack, climb in and hunker down out of the elements. Once inside, you can enjoy a snack or a rest break, change clothes, even deal with equipment issues or administer minor first aid. The Windsack's waterproof back/breathable front configuration, multi-slider zipper, and closable bottom hem also make the Windsack useful as a sleeping bag cover for tarp camping.
Emergency Use: As an emergency bivy bag, the Windsack 3 will accommodate up to three occupants plus sleeping pads and sleeping bags. An integrated safety line prevents the Windsack from blowing away in strong winds while you're getting into or out of it, and four corner loops let you anchor it in exposed terrain. The zipper at its head has four sliders for making either head holes or venting ports, and a drawcord in the bottom lets you cinch the Windsack around the occupant's feet. Its waterproof back and breathable front make it a good choice for use in snow caves, and it can also be staked out, red side up, as a rescue panel to signal for help from the air, or it can be rigged as an improvised tarp.

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