Veloce - Women's

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Indoor-specific shoe with sticky, durable rubber and roomy toe box

The category-defining Veloce represents a totally new concept in the SCARPA climbing collection. This indoor-specific shoe features a roomier toe box which provides beginner to intermediate climbers more comfort when wearing their shoes for extended periods of time, especially during bouldering sessions. The Veloce features Scarpa's brand-new S-72 rubber which provides adhesion to even the smallest of footholds while remaining ultra-durable.

WARNING for California residents: This product can expose you to chemicals including hexavalent chromium, formaldehyde, and perfluorinated compounds, which are known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to


MIDSOLE : Flexan 1.0mm
LAST : FKJW - Slightly Downturned, Slightly Asymmetric

The DTS Tension System features tension in two different strengths on either side of the shoe. This dual tension helps focus the power of the foot forward onto the big toe further enhancing the shoe’s asymmetrical shape.

M50 is Scarpa's softest rubber compound offering the best levels of adaptability to the natural curves of the foot and toes. A rating of 50, making it perfect for use in Scarpa's SRT system, toe patches and strategic positioning around the shoe upper.

PAF is an innovative heel system that helps both spread the force of the heel tension and increase the fit of the heel. The aggressive tension-rubber is interrupted behind the heel to reduce pressure on the Achilles tendon and connected with softer rubber, that works like a bridge and allows full adaption to the shape of the heel. The holes on the side indicate the tension applied, which varies between 1 hole for light tension, 2 holes for mid tension and 3 holes for strong tension.

S-72 RUBBER Exclusive to SCARPA, S-72 rubber is the result of close collaboration with Davos, a premium Italian rubber manufacturer. S-72 has been formulated with a lower durometer to deliver increase surface contact and ultimate adhesion while still maintaining great durability.

This SCARPA Vegan symbol and designation is given to products that do not contain any materials sourced from animals or that utilize any kind of animal testing. All of the materials sourced for these Vegan products utilize fully synthetic materials with no components coming from animals, including the glues used in soling.

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