Ultralight Fat Cam



The world's only soft-rock specific cams, Metolius Fat Cams are all about holding power. Direct Axle Technology™ makes Ultralight Fat Cams 20% lighter than previous versions, and allows for more placement options in bottoming, shallow, or narrow placements. These bad boys have the widest cam faces available, and optimized cam angles for maximum outward push on the sides of a placement. Each Fat Cam is hand built and tested in Bend, Oregon.


Brand Name:
Force Rating:
2: 10 kN
3: 10 kN
4: 10 kN
5: 10 kN
6: 10 kN
7: 10 kN
8: 10 kN
#2: 2.5 oz
#3: 2.6 oz
#4: 3.0 oz
#5: 3.5 oz
#6: 3.9 oz
#7: 4.8 oz
#8: 5.4 oz
Number of Cam Lobes:
4 Cam
Cam Stem Type:
Flexible U-Shape Stem
Axle Design:
Single Axle
Other Features:
Direct Axle Technology™ (DAT) makes Ultralight Fat Cams up to 20% lighter!
DAT allows for more placement options in shallow, narrow, or bottoming placements
DAT makes tricky placements easier due to better cam lobe visibility, especially in the small sizes
13 mm Monster Sling webbing (36% Dyneema/64% nylon)
Optimized cam angle for increased holding power
Widest cam faces available for maximum grip
U-shaped body for greater durability and unparalleled control during placement and retraction
Machined cam stops
Color-coded sewn slings and tubing
CNC machined for much greater precision than stamped or extruded cams
6061-T6 aluminum
Hand built, inspected and individually proof tested in Bend, Oregon

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