Ultra Healing Lotion

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Handcrafted with soothing, and healing aloe

This natural lotion is packed with the same herbal extracts that make Joshua Tree's Healing Salve renowned! Healing Salve is the signature product on which the Joshua Tree brand was formed 12 years ago. That pure, potent formula is now available in a lotion.


Brand Name:
Joshua Tree
4 oz / 120 ml
Mfg Sku/Part Number:
Other Features:
Soothes and repairs sunburn.
Relieves itching and redness.
Prolongs the longevity of a tan.
Certified Organic Ingredients:
-- Sunflower Seed Oil: High in antioxidants including Vitamin E, which help to reduce free radicals that cause skin damage. Sunflower seed oil is also naturally moisturizing and is high in beta-carotene, which can reduce sun sensitivity.
-- Jojoba Oil: Moisturizing and high in antioxidants, jojoba oil doesn't evaporate like many water based moisturizers and is easily spread and absorbed.
-- Beeswax: Has water-repellant properties that help sustain sunscreen action, while providing a long lasting protective coating against the elements.
-- Coconut Oil: A highly saturated oil that stays on the outer layers of the skin to help maintain a smooth feeling, it is also high in antioxidants such as Vitamin E, which help protect against sun damage.
-- Cocoa Butter: Helps sustain sunscreen on the surface of the skin, providing longer lasting protection. It also has mild sun protection properties.
-- Shea Butter: Contains cinnamic acid, which naturally filters UV-B radiation. It also promotes cell renewal and increases circulation to help repair sun damage.
-- Aloe: Anti-inflammatory moisturizer with a high nutrient content that works well to relieve sunburn and other skin irritations. It is also high in Vitamin C and E, which are both shown to protect skin from sun damage and eliminate free radicals that cause skin aging.
-- Vitamin E Oil: Used as a preservative to protect against oxidation in other oils. Vitamin E is also an effective neutralizer of the free radicals that cause cell damage following UV exposure.
-- Tea Tree Oil: Has strong antiseptic and analgesic qualities that allow it to sooth sunburns and other painful skin irritations.
-- Lavender: Has strong antibacterial properties used to treat burns.

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