Totem Cam

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The best grip in every placement

Totem Cams offer extraordinary holding power and unique capabilities with their patented Direct Loading Camming Device system. Totem climbing cams have an exclusive design which features everything you require of a cam for all-around use and broadens placement possibilities, making it the most appropriate cam for demanding trad climbs. These cams excel in non-parallel cracks, horizontal cracks, and tricky placements.


Brand Name:
Number of Cam Lobes:
4 Cam
Cam Stem Type:
Flexible U-Shape Stem
Axle Design:
Single Axle
Other Features:
• Patented Direct Loading Camming Device system (US patent 7,014,156) applies a perfectly equalized load directly onto each lobe.
• Well-sized cam heads with the narrowest head width for the smallest sizes.
• Very flexible cam body.
• Easy handling even with gloves.
• Loadable on just two lobes. Read the Instructions For Use First!
• Great holding power.
• Less walking due to strong springs and good flexibility.
• Good expansion range (1.64:1)
• Light and durable.

No passive strength

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