Thermostack Cook Set Combo


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Stainless & titanium cups for drinking and cooking plus 750 mL non-stick pot

The Soto Thermostack Combo features one stainless steel cup and one titanium cup that can be nested to create a double-wall cup for drinking or used separately on a stove, as well as a 750 mL non-stick pot for cooking. Includes a lifter for ease of heating on camping stove.
Stove and fuel sold separately.

Never heat a double-walled container over a stove. The cups must be used separately over a stove, not together.


Non Stick:
No Coating
Mfg Sku/Part Number:
OD-TSK Combo
Other Features:
Thermostack Combo includes: 350 mL stainless cup, 400 mL titanium cup, 750 mL aluminum cook pot, lifter, lid for stainless & titanium cups, joint gasket, large lid, and cozy/storage pouch

Thermostack Specifications:

Storage Size:
Diameter: 86 mm x height 110 mm
Total weight: 182 g

One lid for both the 350 and 400 ml (12 and 14 oz) cups:
Dimensions: width 86 x depth 83 x height 12 mm
Weight: 12 g
Materials: Body-Resin, O-ring-Silicone

350 ml/12 oz cup:
Dimensions: diameter 84 x height 98 mm
Weight: 80 g capacity / 350 ml
Material: Stainless steel

Joint (Gasket):
Dimensions: diameter 84 x height 22 mm
Weight: 12 g
Materials: Body-Resin, O-ring-Silicon

400 ml/14 oz cup:
Dimensions: diameter 85 x height 94 mm
Weight: 50 g capacity / 400 ml
Material: Titanium

750 ml/26 oz cup:
Dimensions: diameter 102 x height 120 mm
Weight: 84 g capacity / 750 ml
Material: Aluminum

Dimensions: width 88 mm x depth 22 mm x height 22 m
Weight: 13 g
Materials: Aluminum, Stainless steel

Weight: 40 g
Materials: Tarpaulin, Aluminum evaporated sheet

Lid Size: L

Storage Pouch

• 750 ml pot can accommodate a cylinder (105 g OD can), a single stove, and Lifter for stowing.
• Stow assembled Thermostack in the 750 ml pot upside down.
• Fuel canister and stove sold separately.
• Boil liquid in the 750 ml pot. Pour hot liquid into Thermostack to maintain the heat. Use remaining hot liquid to prepare meals. Boil hot water for instant noodles or for hot coffee or tea.
• Use the 400 ml cup to boil water. Set the Helix Coffee Maker (sold separately) in the 350 ml cup. Use the Lifter, pour hot water from the 400 ml cup into the Helix Coffee Maker. Make your own double-wall Thermostack by combining the 350 ml and 400 ml cups.

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