The Airlift - K9 Rescue Sling



⁣⁣The Fido Pro Airlift Rescue Sling is a lightweight, packable rescue sling designed so you can efficiently carry your dog if they become injured or sick while you’re hiking, skiing or simply out for a stroll. No matter if you’re a mile from the trailhead or deep in the wilderness, you’ll be able to carry your dog to safety — even if you're alone.

The Airlift gives you the ability to self-rescue your canine companion — and provides total peace of mind on all of your adventures. Easy to pack and easy to deploy, it’s one accessory you can take along on every adventure.


Fido Pro
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  • Easy to use and deploys quickly
  • Lightweight (8 to 9.5 oz depending on size)
  • Packable in a small stuff sack (so it can live in your backpack at all times)
  • Designed to fit medium, large and extra-large dogs
  • Recommended by veterinarians and Search & Rescue
  • Rigorously tested in the toughest conditions
  • Created by dog lovers for dog lovers to give you peace of mind
  • 8 points of contact fully support the dog from head to tail evenly distributing its weight
  • The dog is cradled in the cloth body of the Airlift with its ribcage and breast plate supporting most of its front-end weight.
  • Tested on dogs from 20lbs to 160lbs
  • Easy to use. The last thing you want in an emergency is to try and figure out how to use a complicated carrying sling.
  • Can be adjusted for and used by people of varying sizes. Beware of products that are sized specifically to one person; if someone of a different size wants to assist in the carrying, they cannot.
  • Lightweight and packable
  • Simple step-by-step instructions printed on the stuff sack.
Why are the Fido Pro Airlift and Panza Harness the most functional emergency dog rescue slings on the market?
Fido Pro uses a patented suspension system that distributes the dog's weight, fully supporting them and providing a more comfortable carry for both dog and human. The eight-points-of-contact suspension system is the only one of its kind and is the key to being able to carry a live animal that needs to be fully supported from head-to-tail. Fido Pro is the only company able to utilize this patented system. ALL other products do not adequately and safely support the dog's weight. Some of them use only two “load-bearing straps” that run across the dogs’ mid-section. This can cause damage to their internal organs, as well as put further stress on an already injured dog.

The Fido Pro Airlift and Panza Harness both use this system (the Panza Harness has six points of contact). Rescuing your heavy dog will take effort and some discomfort! Fido Pro has the only system that will limit this for both you and your dog, with multi-point V-Straps that make your heavy dog feel much lighter.

Easy to use, easy to adjust so you can share carrying the load with others, capable of front facing or rear facing carry and extremely well built.

Be safe, be prepared and be the hero when your dog needs you most!

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