Summit 2

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Premium general mountaineering axe w/ clearance for ice

The Summit 2 ice axe from Petzl provides balance between price and performance, classic design and modern performance. The head and spike provide excellent anchoring performance without compromising the lightweight design. Curvature in the design allows necessary clearance for steep ice. The Summit 2 can be used in piolet-canne, piolet-rampe, and piolet-traction modes while climbing.


Brand Name:
52 cm: 360g
59 cm: 380g
66 cm: 400g
Made In:
Mfg Sku/Part Number:
Other Features:
•Lightweight ice axe, but with enough weight in the head for good anchoring power
Shaft ergonomics:
•The upper part of the shaft is curved to offer clearance when climbing
•The lower part is straighter and guarantees efficient penetration in snow
Pick and adze in hot-forged steel, ensuring solid anchoring:
•Pick is thin (3 mm) and toothed at the tip, ensuring good anchoring qualities in hard snow and ice
•Teeth on upper part of pick strengthen the hold on the ice axe in piolet-rampe mode
•Durable spike in stainless steel for very good penetration in hard snow and piolet-canne mode
High strength and practical aspects:
•Very durable steel adze offers a comfortable support surface, and the design of the edges allows stairs to be carved efficiently
•Tilted adze directs the axe correctly into the snow (piolet-canne usage)
•Head and spike equipped with holes for clipping a carabiner or attaching a sling
•High-quality aluminum shaft (7075) aluminum, used in aeronautics), with anodized finish for excellent protection
•Handle is cut into the adze to create a better grip
Ice axe compatible with the adjustable TRIGREST hand rest and the LINKIN leash

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