Spire Ice Axe

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Tough yet lightweight general mountaineering axe

Tough enough to deal with the demands of modern winter mountaineering, yet light enough for general walking and ski touring. Optimized lightweight tubing and a complete re-design have struck a fine balance that means it carries without effort yet can penetrate ice and cut steps when required.


• High strength steel alloy pick, adze, and spike for excellent purchase and durability.
• Machined chamfers on both the pick and adze for efficient penetration of ice and neve.
• Ergonomic pick and bung for a comfortable grip
• Strong and light anodized aluminum shaft for lightweight travel and reliable support.
• A durable spike and bung for ease of penetration in hard and soft snow.
• Large tethering points in the pick and spike for ease of clipping and security.

EN13089:2011 Type 1

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