Speed Wall Ladder



Comfortable and intuitive aider; compact version of the Big Wall Ladder

Yates' Speed Wall Ladders are designed with the same configuration as the Big Wall Ladders but have 1-inch wide steps to reduce bulk and weight. A PVC tube grab handle near the top of the ladder holds the steps open, keeps them from pinching your feet, and provides a comfortable handle for maneuvering in your aiders. This is a great aider for occasional users or those who need a third or fourth aider to complement a set of Big Wall Ladders.

Sold individually. Color may vary from image.


Brand Name:
6 Step
6 oz.
Mfg Sku/Part Number:
Other Features:
Smaller diameter spreader bar
Speed Wall Ladders complement Yates' Big Wall Ladders to use as a third or fourth ladder set
Built-in spreader bar ensures that steps remain open without causing foot pinching
Speed Wall Ladder measures 70 in.

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