Silk TravelSheet - X-Large



Ultralight, breathable, and soft travel liner

A Cocoon Silk TravelSheet can be used as a sleeping bag for warm weather, or simply a sleep sack for traveling. Sleep liners are mandatory in hostels and handy in adventure hotels. Most of the time it will be everything you need when you go to the tropics. Uses: hotels, youth hostels, boats, planes, trains, as a warm weather sleeping bag, a rectangular sleeping bag liner, for overnights with friends or as a guest sheet.

Size X-Large offers tall people (over 190 cm/74 in.) even more room and sleep comfort!

High quality silk is the optimum fabric for minimizing packing size and weight. Silk is breathable, soft to your skin and responds well to changing temperatures. It keeps you cool in the tropics and toasty in the mountains.


Brand Name:
240 x 114 cm / 94.5 x 45 in
Packed Size:
14.5 x 7 cm / 5.7 x 2.8 in
220 g / 7.8 oz
Other Features:
• Side opening with Velcro® closure
• Pillow pocket
• Reinforced gussets
• Adds up to 5.3° C in warmth to a sleeping bag
• Care: Hand or machine wash (30°C; gentle cycle) with mild detergent or dry clean. Do not bleach or use stain remover. Wash separately. Rinse in cool water and add a little vinegar to maintain shining colors. Drip or tumble dry low. Do not wring.

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