Set Pro Alu III and Pocket Spike


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Professional shovel with attachable shaft spike for steep sections

Professional shovel with attachable shaft spike for the last few meters to the summits on ski tours.

This latest iteration of an ORTOVOX classic uses the most innovative materials available and cutting edge production methods to achieve the best weight-to-rigidity ratio possible. Stabilization ribs and high sidewalls give the anodized blade rigidity, while the integrated shaft socket makes it easy to pack. With the new quick-lock, the blade and the fluted telescoping shaft can be put together in one motion. The new T-Grip Pro is revolutionary. It can be inserted for both right and left-handers – and also facilitates economical clearing. One hand grasps the long grip side, which serves as an ergonomic lever, while the other hand has maximum hold on the shaft’s rubber-coated grip zone.
The POCKET SPIKE is simply ingenious. Although usually tucked away in your backpack or pants pocket (hence the name), the POCKET SPIKE can quickly be retrieved in risky situations, for instance, when you’ve only got a few feet to the summit or if you have to cross a steep slope. In two steps, you can affix it to the PRO ALU III shovel handle for added protection. The POCKET SPIKE has two parts: The sharp forged axe head made of AL 7075 T6 and the shaft spike, which replaces the shovel blade. The two parts snap together to form a single piece with no sharp edges and weighing just 95 grams. Suitable for tours where a little additional support is needed over the last few meters.


Brand Name:
Safety Blue
865 g / 1 lb 15.2 oz
Mfg Sku/Part Number:
Other Features:
• Rubberized grip zone
• Oval handle cross section
• Pack-friendly
• Compatible with Pocket Spike (included)
• 90° clearing function PRO ALU III
• Rescue sled function
• Sharp, protected edge
• T-grip pro with flexible left and right-handed function
• Telescoping handle
• Non-slip step grooves
-- AL 5052 (strain hardened), anodized
-- Handle: AL 6061 T6 (hardened)

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