Sequoia MF

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Roomy 5° F semi-rectangular bag

Some of us don't want our sleeping bag to fit like a pair of jeans right out of the dryer. The solution is simple: Western Mountaineering's Sequoia MF. For protection from the elements, the roomy Sequoia MF has a tightly woven 1.2 oz. MicroLite XP™ shell, offering maximum breathability and a high degree of water resistance. A full down collar provides a protective seal from the heat-robbing bellows effect as you move about inside your bag, and the continuous baffles allow you to adjust the down fill to suit the changes in weather. Its two zippers not only allow you to zip to mummy bags but also to unzip the foot so that it can lie out flat. The Sequoia is the perfect choice if you don't like sacrificing elbow room but still need a warm, lightweight bag.

Like all of Western Mountaineering's bags, the Sequoia MF is made by hand in San Jose, California. Their down is sourced from free-range mother geese who are never live-plucked or force-fed.


Brand Name:
Western Mountaineering
Temp Rating:
5º F
Seasonal Usage:
Four Season
Temp Rating Celsius:
-15° C
Bag Style:
Fill Weight:
Reg: 33 oz / Long: 36 oz
Bag Loft:
7 inches
850+ Fill Down
Reg: 3 lbs 4 oz / Long: 3 lbs 7 oz
Bag Length:
Reg: 6 ft / Long: 6 ft. 6 in.
Circumference at Chest:
Reg & Long: 66 in
Circumference at Hips:
Reg & Long: 61 in
Circumference at Foot:
Reg & Long: 48 in
Made In:
Bag Shell Material:
20-denier MicroLite XP™: highly wind- and water-resistant and incredibly breathable microfiber
Bag Stuff Size:
9 x 18 in.
Other Features:
Full down-filled collar completely surrounds your neck for maximum heat retention
Full-length draft tube seals in heat along the zipper
5.25 in. continuous baffles allow the down to be shifted to the bottom or top of the bag depending on the climate
YKK #7 dual direction zipper
Stiffening tape along zippers to prevent snags

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