Pur Line 6 mm



Ultra-lightweight and ultra-durable hyperstatic cord for climbers and alpinists

Designed for climbers and alpinists, the Petzl PUR LINE 6 mm is an ultra-lightweight and ultra-durable cord for hauling a pack or retrieving a single rope during a rappel. It is hyperstatic and features a rough-textured sheath, for good grip and easy handling.
For hauling, rappelling, and utility use only; not designed to catch a climber's fall.


Rope Style:
• Ultra-light and compact: only 20 grams per meter
• Easier grip and handling:
- rigid cord makes both stowage at anchor and rope throwing during rappels easier
- rough-textured sheath provides a good grip for hauling packs and retrieving a single rope during rappels
• Extremely durable:
- 100% HMPE construction that is extremely abrasion-resistant
- compatible with most Petzl ascenders and progress-capture pulleys, thanks to its specific reinforced sheath
- 65-meter length to compensate for the elasticity of a 60-meter dynamic rope during rappels

-- Material(s): high-modulus polyethylene (HMPE)
-- Certification(s): CE EN 564, UIAA

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