Pitcher Rope Bag

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Lightweight rope bag with integrated tarp

The DMM Pitcher is lightweight, with an integrated tarp that keeps your rope clean and stashes easily into the body of the bag. Shoulder straps let you carry the pitcher like a rucksack, and can be removed to create a stuff sack. This means it can be used as a route sack on multi-pitches, or put inside another bag to aid organization.


Brand Name:
470 g / 16.6 oz
Other Features:
Integrated rope tarp for quick packing
The rope tarp is sewn directly into the lining of the Pitcher. This creates a system which keeps your rope off the floor, and can be quickly stuffed inside the bag for speedy movement from one line to the next.
Detachable shoulder straps allow rucksack or stuff sack style carrying
The Pitcher's shoulder straps make carrying easy and allow you to use it as a route sack. They can be removed to convert it into a stuff sack.

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