Performance 9.2mm

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Super-safe UNICORE construction; certified as single/half/twin

Edelweiss' Performance 9.2 combines light weight and robust UNICORE construction to meet the needs of demanding climbers. The Performance is certified as a single, half, and twin rope for maximum versatility. Now featuring UNICORE construction, which fuses the sheath and core of the rope to provide enhanced safety if the sheath is cut or nicked, the Performance brings safety on sport and multi-pitch routes when every gram counts. The UNICORE process also results in zero sheath slippage over the lifespan of the rope, making UNICORE ropes some of the most durable on the market.

Both colors are pictured above; they are sold separately.


UIAA Fall Rating:
Single: 5
Half: 20
Twin: +25
Rope Style:
Exact Diameter:
9.2 mm
Impact Force (kN):
Single: 8.2kN
Half: 6.0kN
Twin: 9.5kN
Static Elongation:
Single: 8%
Half: 8%
Twin: 7%
Rope Type:
Single / Twin / Half
Rope Treatment:
Dry Sheath
60 meter: 3.12 kg (6.88 lbs)
70 meter: 3.64 kg (8.02 lbs)
Middle Mark:
Grams / Meter:
Dynamic Elongation:
First fall elongation:
Single: 37%
Half: 32%
Twin: 29%
Other Features:
- Sheath slippage: 0 mm
- Everdry treatment on sheath
- UNICORE: Even if the sheath of the rope is cut, the sheath and core remain bonded for increased safety.

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