Oval Keylock Carabiner

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Roundish shaped carabiner with keylock nose

Big wall climbers, stop looking at those anodized new-fangled 'biners and pick up the time-tested Black Diamond Oval Carabiner. The Oval Carabiner's rounded design eliminates that unnerving carabiner shift on aid placements and is ideal for racking gear on both trad routes and aid climbs. Keylock nose eliminates snagging.


Brand Name:
Black Diamond
Gate Type:
Solid Gate - Straight
Carabiner Shape:
62 g (2.2 oz.)
Closed Gate:
18 kN (4046 lbf)
Minor Axis:
7 kN (1574 lbf)
Open Gate:
6 kN (1349 lbf)
Other Features:
• Uniform shape prevents shifting
• Large carrying capacity
• Proven symmetrical design
• Type X or Oval Connector

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