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Ultralight Stove + Free Fuel = WIN

Weighing in at 5.45 oz, the Emberlit Ultralight stove caters to those who pay special attention to the weight of their gear. Made of pure titanium, the Emberlit UL is just as strong and impervious to corrosion as its stainless steel brother, but at half the weight. With use the individual panels that make up the EmberLit-UL may take on a slight warp. This is normal and doesn’t affect the assembly or durability of the stove. Likewise it comes with a lifetime guarantee… you’ll never wear this one out either. Despite the extra difficulty and expense of working with titanium this stove is PROUDLY Made in the USA!

FREE FUEL and EASY COOKING are the hallmarks of the EmberLit Stove. Feeding the EmberLit arm- length sticks makes it easy to maintain and control. Just a handful of scrap wood gathered on the trail is more than enough to boil water and cook a full meal. No messing with bits of twigs, no flare ups, no smoke outs...just easy cooking with EmberLit.


Brand Name:
Fuel Type:
5.45 oz
Other Features:
Panels: 4.5x5.5 Inches
Stove Height: 6 inches
Top of stove: 3.5x3.5 Inches
Packs flat: 1/8th of an inch
Fuel: Does not require you to carry any fuel
Includes : Cross Bars

The unique feed port holds fuel wood in place just above the embers.
The EmberLit creates a strong draft of oxygen rich air to ensure plenty of air flow.
The solid burn plate collects embers that protect and focus enough heat to burn thick fuel.

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