Omni-Block 2.0 Double

$200.00 - $202.00


Large pulley/swivel combo with double sheaves

Rock Exotica's Omni-Block 2.0 Double combines a double-sheave pulley with a swivel and offers tremendous advantages. It replaces a conventional pulley-carabiner-swivel setup and is lighter, less expensive and saves valuable vertical space. It also allows installing/removing the rope while the pulley is still anchored. The short length of the Omni is important when used in high-angle, confined space or other space-sensitive rigging environments. Made in USA.

WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including nickel acetate, which is known to the State of California to cause cancer. For more information go to:


Brand Name:
Rock Exotica
Force Rating:
MBS: 40 kN
WLL: 10 kN
Fits Rope Size & Type:
Up to 0.5" (13mm)
20.9 oz (591 g)
7.0" long, 3.0" at widest point, 2.0" sheave diameter, 1.5" clip-in hole
Other Features:
- 2.0-inch double sheaves
- Secure access to the pulley without the need to remove it from the carabiner
- Integrated swivel allows the pulley to orient as needed in response to the load
- The patented Omni-Block is the only pulley on the market featuring a swivel top and sheaves accessible while still connected to the anchor
- Pulley body is machined from a solid block of aluminum for strength and weight optimization
- Shortens the length of rigging by combining the pulley and swivel in one device
- Safety catch requires the user to push the release button a second time before the side plate will open
- One-handed install
- Pulley uses high-efficiency ball bearings
- CE / UIAA certified

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