NeoAir XLite NXT MAX

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The NeoAir XLite NXT MAX is the finest full-rectangular ultralight air sleeping pad for year-round backcountry adventures. By refining the way its cutting-edge construction technique integrates with warmth-radiating ThermaCapture™ technology, this model has reduced the noise by 83% from the previous version. 

At 3 inches thick with a horizontal baffled structure and the added sleep surface of a rectangular shape, the XLite NXT MAX delivers maximum comfort and support at a minimal weight and packed size. Weighing just 18 oz (510 g) in the Regular Wide size and providing a 4-season-ready 4.5 R-value, the XLite NXT is the most versatile full-rectangular ultralight sleeping pad on the market.


Brand Name:
Solar Flare
Insulated Pad:
Pad Thickness:
3.0 in (7.6 cm)
Pad Width:
Reg. Wide: 25 in (64 cm)
Large: 25 in (64 cm)
Reg. Wide: 72 in (183 cm)
Large: 77 in (196 cm)
Reg. Wide: 18.0 oz / 510 g
Large: 19.4 oz / 550 g
Bag Stuff Size:
Reg. Wide: 11 x 4.6 in / 28 x 12 cm
Large: 11 x 4.6 in / 28 x 12 cm
Top Fabric:
30D rip HT Nylon
Bottom Fabric:
30D rip HT Nylon
Country of Origin:
USA Built of the Finest U.S. and Global Materials
Other Features:
  • Quiet Rest: Improved internal construction delivers a silent and peaceful sleeping pad.
  • Premium Ultralight Comfort: A 3-inch (7.6 cm)-thick profile and horizontal baffled structure with the added sleep surface of the full rectangular shape delivers premium backcountry comfort while keeping the weight to a minimum.
  • Year-Round Warmth: ThermaCapture™ technology and interior triangular chambers radiate body heat and reduce heat loss to deliver a 4.5 R-value for year-round conditions.
  • High-Performing & Ultra-Packable: Refined construction and low-bulk materials allow the XLite NXT MAX to pack down to about the size of a conventional 1L water bottle.
  • WingLock™ Valve: Delivers fast one-way inflation and rapid deflation without giving up the ability to easily purge air while you lay on it for comfort micro-adjustments.
  • Pump sack, stuff sack and field repair kit included.

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