Mini Classic SI Knee Pad

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The Strap-On Classic knee pad you love now has a friend called the Strap-On Classic SI! Same features you know and love, but now with super-sticky silicone on neoprene. The Classic pads feature thick rubber for ultimate comfort and grabbing power.

The Mini is designed to fit most legs! If you happen to have extra slender legs the Mini will likely fit you better, but it's not just for smaller folks or kids. If you simply prefer a little less kneepad on your leg, the Mini is for you.

Wrap-around design allows for easy on/off. No more wrestling your kneepad on, no need to take your climbing shoes off, no more duct tape - just wrap, strap and send!

The silicone-printed back of Send's breathable airprene is even stickier and more durable. Improves adhesion to your leg and prolongs the life of the neoprene. Absorbs impact and provides supreme comfort. Super-stretchy to fit all leg sizes. No need for spray adhesive or duct tape!

Designed for freedom of movement, this kneepad allows the leg muscles to flex as the climber moves. This prevents the discomfort that occurs with over-tightening other kneepads.

Send uses the absolute stickiest climbing rubber available on their kneepads.

Exclusive Cinch-Lock Buckle allows for fast and secure tightening, easy loosening, and fast removal. This buckle never slips - the more you pull the more it grips.

Not only found in Hueco, Rifle or Kalymnos, kneebars are everywhere, you just have know where to look. The Mini Classic SI works great for bouldering, sport climbing or anywhere you see a kneebar. Just Wrap, Strap and SEND!

Dimensions: 20.5" x 7.75"

Fits most youth and adults.


Mfg Sku/Part Number:
One Size
Other Features:
  • 4.3mm of thick and durable, insanely sticky Send Rubber
  • 3mm of double-sided airprene with super-sticky silicone printing for enhanced grabbing power on skin and clothing, all providing comfy, breathable performance
  • Improved durability thanks to double-sided airprene

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