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Easy-on traction system for extra grip

Lighter and tougher than ever, Kahtoola MICROspike traction systems deliver excellent traction on icy winter trails with stainless steel spikes and welded chains. MICROspikes feature an integrated toe bale and reinforced eyelets, allowing for a 50% lower profile elastomer harness. Since there are no special straps, you can simply put your MICROspikes in your pocket, purse or backpack and go. Just take them out and stretch them over your shoes when you need that extra grip - they're ideal for anything from wet rocks to slick sidewalks and icy driveways, or even the added confidence that comes along with extra traction on the trail. Adding the MICROspikes Traction System to your gear stash means that you'll never be held back again by the most common day-to-day winter conditions. Pull on the Kahtoola MICROspike traction systems and go! Tote sack included.


Brand Name:
Climbing Shoe Style:
Upper Materials:
Spike Material: Heat treated 400 series stainless steel
Small: 11.0 oz
Medium: 11.9 oz
Large: 13.1 oz
X-Large: 13.5 oz
Other Features:
• MICROspikes feature 12 spikes per foot, with 8 spikes at the forefoot and 4 spikes at the heel. Each spike is 3/4 in. long. The independent layout of the spikes helps prevent snow from balling up.
• Chains and links are also made from stainless steel, and the chains are welded, even further increasing durability. These hold our crampons and ice spikes in place firmly.
• Patent-pending reinforced eyelet technology allows their elastomer bands to be lighter and stronger than ever.
• Stretchy Thermoplastic Elastomer (TPE) for a quick and secure fit on a variety of footwear.
• Durable Thermoplastic Polyurethane (TPU) eyelet inserts prevent tearing and improve longevity. Fits on almost every shoe.
• Packs down to roughly 5in. x 3in. x 2in. in their included tote sack

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