Micro Stoppers (Spring 2023)

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Teeny-tiny stoppers for itty-bitty cracks

Black Diamond Micro Stoppers are made out of durable copper-infiltrated steel, making them more durable and much stronger than the average brass nut. With this chemistry, Micros are less prone to shearing, but still provide the bite found in brass nuts. Also, the unique cable-swaging technique extends the life of the Micro Stoppers several fold over the traditional silver-soldered method found on others.

Sizes 1 and 2 are for direct aid only (not for free climbing).


Brand Name:
Black Diamond
Other Features:
An essential for thin cracks, seams and fissures
• Copper-infiltrated steel for a nice mix of bite and durability
• Patented swage is stronger, more flexible and less prone to fraying
Please note, sizes 1 and 2 are for direct aid only, not for free climbing. (Also, if you bounce-test these stoppers, they will likely become fixed.)

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