Mantis / Shadow HMS Set

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High-performance, ultralight belay device with carabiner

Despite its low weight, the DMM Mantis is a high-performance belay device, giving confident control over ropes from 11mm down to a super skinny 7.3mm. Ideal for those looking for a single belay device for all their climbing activities. Includes a Shadow HMS carabiner.


Rope Diameters:
Half/Twin: 7.3mm-9.2mm
Single: 8.5mm-11mm
Meets Requirements Of:
345g (Mantis only)
Other Features:
High performance internal geometry gives greater rope control
Hot forging and CNC technology is used to shape the internal structure of the device to give greater control over a wide range of ropes. This is especially evident when using modern, small diameter ropes.

Two friction modes for varying applications
In its standard orientation, this device gives confident control over a wide variety of rope diameters. It can also be flipped 180° for smooth rappelling on thick or low stretch ropes.

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