Major 2XL

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The Ursack Major 2XL bear bag has a capacity of 30 liters and can hold approximately 14 days of food for one person.

Built with the same materials and strength as the Ursack Major and Major XL, this is the perfect option for larger groups, or longer trips. Whether you are out on a long hunt, or floating down river on an extended trip, this is the best choice to keep your food safe.

Weighing 10.9 ounces, the Major 2XL is still far lighter than traditional hard-sided canisters. The high-performance UHMWP fabric is designed to keep bears from getting your food while in their territory.

Ursacks are not considered a suitable bearproof container in some areas (such as Yosemite National Park). Please check with the authorities at your destination before purchasing the Ursack.

Note: Some units may have different color thread or rope than those pictured.

Please note, none of the Ursack models should be considered wolf or dog resistant. That’s because canines have sharp teeth and strong jaws. Bears have great strength, but their teeth are not sharp.


Brand Name:
10.9 oz
Other Features:
• Material: UHMWP
• Certified Bear Resistant
• Flexible
• Collapsible and easy to store
• Cord: 6 foot-high tensile strength with reflective tracer
• Reflective exterior tag for increased visibility at night
• Recommend: Odor Barrier Bag (OPSak 12 x 20) - sold separately
Read all instructions and learn to properly close the Ursack before use.
Limited Lifetime Warranty: Ursack will replace, or refund the cost of, any properly used Ursack Major 2XL in which a gap, tear or hole larger than 1/4 inch is caused by a bear. This 1/4 inch standard is the criteria used in the Interagency Grizzly Bear Committee's test protocol. Ursack asks that customers return any damaged Ursack to them for inspection (do not return it to the retailer for warranty). For more information about the risk from raccoons and other critters, see the FAQ section at

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