Ion Stove With Titanium Space Saver 550 Mug Combo

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Combining our smallest and lightest titanium stove with our ultralight 550ml titanium mug, you are on the fast track to lightweight minimalism in the backcountry

All-titanium 550ml mug features folding titanium handles, graduated tick marks for measurement, steam holes for venting, and a locking triangular lid tab. The Space Saver Mug is designed to fit snugly around a 32oz Nalgene bottle as well as a 100g/3.9oz Isobutane canister.

The OliCamp Ion Micro Titanium Stove is reliable as always. At 45 grams (1.5 oz), it is one of the lightest stoves on the market. The stove features a titanium gas stem and burner for weight savings and durability; asymmetrically-oriented folding titanium pot stands allow for minute pack size and a sturdy base; minimal aluminum block valve for safe handling; and a compact flame spreader to maximize flame distribution onto the cooking surface.


Brand Name:
Stove: 1.5 oz | 45g
Mug/Lid: 3.6 oz | 103g
Stove: 1.25 x 1.875 in | 3.2 x 4.7cm
Mug/Lid: 4 in wide x 3.4 in high | 18.6 fl oz capacity
Ion Micro Stove Specs:
Ignition: Manual
Output: 8,900 BTU
Boil Time: 4 min 20 seconds
Fuel Type: Canister (Fuel Sold Separately)

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