IMP Brass Nut Set 2-4

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DMM IMPs let you take advantage of the smallest and most marginal placements. The nut heads are made of brass, allowing them to bite into small placements but making them strong enough to resist pulling through. These are soldered directly on to wires, allowing a thicker wire to be used and increasing the strength of the IMP. The swage on the wire is color-coded for quick size selection, and allows one side of the wire to slide, letting the IMP self-equalize when loaded and increasing placement security. IMPs are invaluable for those pushing into harder grades and need to take advantage of all protection options.

Set includes IMPs 2-4.


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Micro protection for small cracks
As climbs become harder, the need to make the most of all available protection increases. Micro protection lets you protect cracks in which normal-sized pieces would not fit. Having these wires on your rack gives you more options.

Wires soldered directly into heads for strength
The wires of IMPS are soldered directly into their heads. This allows a thicker wire to be used, increasing the strength rating of each nut.

Passive protection works in wet and icy conditions
Passive protection works by jamming in constrictions to prevent falls. It is suitable for use in all conditions. Unlike active protection such as cams, passive protection can be used in wet or icy cracks, where friction is reduced.

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