Forte Endless Promise 35 - Women's

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A beloved 3-season bag for the backcountry, this synthetic sleeping bag is NEMO's first Endless Promise™ product, making it a standout in sustainability as well as comfort and innovation. The Forte Endless Promise 35 is 100% recyclable, uses 100% recycled fabric and insulation, and is carefully designed so no waste is left on the cutting room floor — case in point: the full-length draft tube is filled with leftover fabric, reprocessed into fiber fill.

Its Classic Spoon™ shape continues to be a game changer for side sleepers, and the Thermo Gill™ vents have been updated to a new multistage zipper system that dramatically increases the usable temperature range of the bag and allows for fine-tuning of comfort from within.

Finally, cozy details like the Blanket Fold™ draft collar and integrated pillow pocket pair with the buttery-soft fabrics to keep comfort at the forefront. You might even say that comfort is this bag’s... forte.


Plum Gray / Celadon Green
Regular: fits users up to 5 ft 6 in
Long: fits users up to 6 ft 0 in
Temp Rating:
35F / 2C
ISO Comfort:
32F / 0C
Minimum Weight:
Reg: 2 lbs 10 oz / 1.18 kg
Long: 2 lbs 14 oz / 1.3 kg
Fill Weight:
Reg: 1 lb 12 oz / 800 g
Long: 2 lbs 1 oz / 925 g
Shoulder Girth:
Reg: 59 in / 149.86 cm
Long: 59 in / 149.86 cm
Hip Girth:
Reg: 54 in / 137.16 cm
Long: 54 in / 137.16 cm
Knee Girth:
Reg: 56 in / 142 cm
Long: 56 in / 142 cm
Packed Size:
Reg: 16.0 x 9.0 in dia / 40 x 23 cm dia
Long: 16.0 x 9.0 in dia / 40 x 23 cm dia
Shell Fabric:
100% Recycled Polyester, bluesign®-approved
Lining Fabric:
20D 100% Recycled Polyester Taffeta
Fill Type:
Other Features:
  • Classic Spoon™ shape adds room at elbows and knees for versatile comfort.
  • Updated Thermo Gills™ extend the comfort range with a new multistage zipper system.
  • A NEMO Endless Promise™ product, this item prioritizes the use of recycled and reclaimed materials and is designed to be fully recyclable, with the ultimate goal of keeping gear out of the landfill.
  • Zerofiber™ PCR lightweight synthetic insulation is made from 100% post-consumer recycled content and designed to pack down small, maintain its loft, and provide warmth even when wet.
  • A fabric set of bluesign®-approved 30D 100% recycled polyester ripstop and 20D 100% recycled polyester taffeta offers a buttery-soft, ultra-plush sleep experience.
  • Blanket Fold™ external draft collar dramatically blocks cold air when tucked in or releases warmth when folded down and mimics the cozy comfort of your bed at home.
  • By accepting the challenge of mono-polymer construction and building Forte from just a single type of material, this product is fully recyclable, further keeping waste out of landfills.

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