eVent Sil Compression Drysack

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Dry + Compression = Space Saver, Security

eVent Sil Compression Drysacks
Air means it’s ultralight, made with 30D hybrid sil-nylon CORDURA™. Vent means it purges air through the eVent bottom. Dry means it’s factory seam sealed with a roll-top closure, the rolling stay is pre-curved so that it pops open, making it easier to load than a flat stay. Bloc means it nests inside your pack well. Solid means it’s durable, and also that you can compress your gear down to a nearly rocksolid state. But the name doesn’t quite say it all, we’ve lightened it up by replacing the compression webbing with paracord. We call it LineLoc Technology, another Granite Gear first.

New Block Shape
The Block shape is our innovation to help you pack more efficiently inside your pack. Compared to a round shape, the bloc fits better into the corners of your pack, they stack nicely, and eliminate all the “dead air” that can happen when you try to pack with round stuffsacks. Less dead air means better load stability, quicker pack loading, and the possibility of carrying the same amount of gear in a smaller pack, saving you weight.


Sold Individually


Brand Name:
Granite Gear
10 L (610 ci)
13 L (800 ci)
18 L (1100 ci)
25 L (1525 ci)
10 L: 78 g (2.8 oz)
13 L: 83 g (2.9 oz)
18 L: 95 g (3.4 oz)
25 L: 107 g (3.8 oz)
10 L: 5 x 7.25 x 20 in.
13 L: 5.25 x 7.75 x 21 in.
18 L: 6 x 8.75 x 22.5 in.
25 L: 7 x 10 x 25 in.
Other Features:
• Waterproof and ultralight
-- As the sack is compressed air is forced out the eVent® bottom
-- See-thru Sil-Nylon fabric allows you to see what's inside.
-- Keep gear organized and color-coded
-- Fully finished seams
-- Compress lofty items without bulging
-- Bloc shape makes them perfect for stacking in your pack
-- LineLoc compression technology is 30% lighter than webbing compression systems
-- Ultralight and PVC-free
-- Event® air purging bottom
-- Event® taped seams
-- Rolling stay helps keep sack open while loading
-- Space-saving shape

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