Echo Quickdraw - Mixed

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Full-size, lightweight quickdraws with solid and wire gates

The Cypher Echo Mixed Quickdraw features a solid-gate keylock Echo carabiner on the bolt end for snag-free operation from your gear rack to the bolt and to facilitate easy route cleaning. The wire-gate Echo carabiner on the rope end offers super wide gate-clearance and reduced gate flutter during a fall. With the various lengths offered, the Echo Quickdraws can be used for every style of climbing and on various types of terrain. Longer draws keep rope drag to a minimum, allow you to clip at a safer stance below a cruxy bolt, and places the lower 'biner below any bulge of rock that the bolt sits above. Sold individually.


Brand Name:
Gate Type:
1 Wire / 1 Solid
Carabiner Shape:
11 cm: 76 g

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