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The DRY ICE Evolution is the logical progression of the popular DRY ICE® Tool. Evolutions create a more realistic ice, mixed, and drytooling experience for climbers by using a full-length, full-strength aluminum core, hand-friendly baltic birch, sticky Vibram XS Edge rubber tip pad, and an enlarged, improved grip design based on the grip of the DRY ICE Tool. Evolutions allow you to train on almost any route in the gym because It’s Always Ice Season®!

Sold in pairs.

Gyms will require you to use leashes (sold separately).


Furnace Industries
One Size
Other Features:
  • Full-strength tool. Stein pulls are ok (but make sure the wall is ok beforehand as stein pulls can exert massive forces on climbing holds and walls.)
  • Lighter than other tools, which means safer tools
  • New longer grip than the original DRY ICE Tool to accommodate a larger range of hands
  • Redesigned pommel for more comfort / less ‘pinky pinching’
  • Redesigned trigger grip for more grip stability and comfort
  • Optimized pick angle for precision placements
  • Longer tool shaft for multiple hand positions
  • Thick aluminum stock for greater strength
  • Grip designed with more volume to be used bare handed, indoors, without gloves
  • Large radius round over for increased grip comfort
  • Tip pads are replaceable (replacements sold separately)
  • Gyms will require you to use leashes (sold separately)
Can I stein pull on them?
Yes. Just make sure the climbing wall is ok to take that much force. In testing, users ripped a t-nutted hold through the wall.

Should I wear a helmet when using Evolutions?
Absolutely, unequivocally, yes. On more than one occasion testers popped themselves on the foreheads or on the top of their heads when testing the Evolutions. Wear a helmet to turn that potentially painful situation into a laughable moment.

What if I drop one, in the gym?
When properly using leashes of any kind, dropping a tool to the ground is nearly impossible. Climbing without leashes in a crowded gym puts other climbers at risk. Don’t do it.

Can I climb with my Evolutions outside?
Probably, but Evolutions have only been tested for indoor use. Outdoor use is not recommended.

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