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Protection on winter climbs is typically limited, forcing you to make the most of any available option. The DMM Bulldog can be used in many features thrown up in winter. Primarily a drive in anchor that finds strong placements in frozen turf and mud, it can also be placed into hooks in the ice created by your axe, and can even be hammered into cracks and seams like a peg.

A long flat plate on the back of the Bulldog creates a good area for hammering, making placements quick and easy. A long handle lets you create leverage to easily extract the Bulldog from stubborn placements, and also houses an extendable sling that helps reduce rope drag on wandering winter pitches.

The profile resembles an ice axe pick, with reverse-facing teeth that help the Bulldog bite into turf and icy cracks when weighted. The Bulldog achieves 15 kN in lab testing, and when placed properly gives security in an insecure environment.


Mfg Sku/Part Number:
150 g / 5.3 oz
15 kN
Ice pick profile allows driving into frozen turf, ice or cracks
The Bulldog resembles an ice tool pick, allowing it to create protection options in any place you'd use your tool. Water ice, frozen turf and iced-up cracks all become protection options when armed with a Bulldog.

Large hammering area makes for easier placements
The spine of the Bulldog presents a large target for hammering, letting you make placements with minimal energy.

Long handle creates leverage for easy removal
The handle of the Bulldog gives you a good grasp to lever the device out of whatever it has been driven into, aiding extraction and letting you get on with the climbing.

Extendable sling gives versatile and easily extended placements
The extendable 11mm Dynatec sling allows a Bulldog placement to be quickly and easily extended. This is crucial in the winter environment where long and wandering pitches are common, communication is difficult, and rope drag must be kept to a minimum.

Lightening holes reduce weight
The Bulldog has laser-cut holes that reduce weight without sacrificing strength.

Achieves 15 kN in lab tensile testing, giving high levels of security
In tensile testing the Bulldogs rate to 15 kN static load. Provided the material they are placed in is strong and the placement good, the Bulldog will provide you with lightweight security in a wide variety of situations.

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