Aluminum Locking D Carabiner

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Industry-standard aluminum carabiner

The enduring design of the SMC Locking D has become the standard in rock climbing, mountaineering and rescue applications as well as in an ever-increasing base of industrial applications due to its high strength, light weight, wide gate opening and functional versatility. The nut of the locking sleeve engages on the gate - not on the carabiner frame - this helps prevent jamming or vibrating loose. Through continuous inspection throughout production, careful attention to detail and precision craftsmanship, SMC consistently manufactures product at the highest levels of quality.


Brand Name:
Gate Type:
Solid Gate - Bent
Carabiner Shape:
Lock Type:
Screw Lock
2.6 oz.
Closed Gate:
27 kn
Minor Axis:
7 kn
Open Gate:
7 kn
Made In:
Other Features:
Material: High Quality Aluminum
Finish: Polished or Anodized
Dimensions: 4.37 in x 2.56 in
Gate opening: .82 in
3 Sigma test

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