Alu 240 PFA Probe

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Light and compact with rapid-deploy PFA system

In emergency situations speed is of the essence. That’s why Ortovox has made their 240 cm-long aluminum probe even more efficient. Thanks to the optimized PFA system, the Alu 240 PFA is now more compact while also offering better handling. The quick-assembly strap makes immediate opening and assembly possible in one motion. In order to determine burial depth and select an optimized shoveling strategy, all Ortovox probes have highly legible depth markers and a clear 1 meter marker. The bottom-most segment in neon orange provides visual notification of the proximity of the buried person during shoveling. The Alu 240 PFA’s new and improved rubberized grip also ensures safe, ice-free handling in all conditions.


Brand Name:
240 cm
13mm diameter
Mfg Sku/Part Number:
Other Features:
• PFA quick-assembly system
• Steel-cable tensioning system
• Depth markers
• Quick-release cover
• Visual guide system
• Rubberized grip
• Large probe tip
PFA QUICK-ASSEMBLY SYSTEM 2.0: The successor to our oft-copied quick-assembly system is even SLIMMER and MORE COMPACT, while still offering the same proven smooth clamping performance. Thanks to the NEW QUICK-ASSEMBLY STRAP, the probe can be assembled straight out of the cover. It can be collapsed by pressing the system cap with your thumb. ERGONOMIC GRIP The thin and light rubber coating provides the perfect grip for quickly assembling the probe.
VISUAL GUIDE SYSTEM: The intuitive visual guide system provides you with quick and clear information about the victim's depth at all times. You can perfectly ADAPT YOUR SHOVELING STRATEGY and save important time thanks to the clear 1m marker, CONTRASTING DEPTH SCALE and COLORFUL END SEGMENTS. The bottom-most segment in neon orange indicates when you are approaching the victim.
QUICK-RELEASE COVER: The quick-assembly strap makes immediate OPENING AND ASSEMBLY possible IN ONE MOTION, without first having to take the probe out of its cover.
LARGE PROBE TIP: The significantly larger diameter of the probe tip compared to the probe elements ensures improved penetration.

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