Alien X - Double Sling

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The Alien X is the sixth generation of the micro cam that got its first patent in 1986. It retains its original, unmistakable character, with improvements in performance and finishes.

All Alien X climbing cams and products are hand-made in Barcelona. Each sold individually.


WARNING for California customers: Cancer and reproductive harm. For more information, visit


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Functional Improvements:
  • Cams with X-Grip texture: improves the grip of the cams during the first times it is used. Allows friction without deforming the shape of the cams.
  • Works as a passive anchor: Sizes 3/4 (yellow), 7/8 (grey), and 1 (red) can work as passive anchors with a strength of up to 5 kN.
  • Re-sizing of the stem: There is now 3mm more length between the trigger and the cams. This extra length allows the cam to be placed deeper and extracted more easily. Also, the length of the long sling has been increased by 1 cm, and the length of the short sling has been reduced by 0.5 cm.
  • Ergonomic trigger: More precision when placing the cam. Works with gloves.
  • Symmetrical construction of the Dyneema sling
  • Smaller trigger wires in size 1/3 (black): Improves maneuverability inside the smallest cracks. The width of the trigger wires is smaller than that of the closed cams.
Improvements in Finishes:
  • Color-coded cams: The lobes themselves are now colored for easier size recognition.
  • Insertion of the pins in the cam: the pin head is now protected inside the cam. Snags are avoided and durability is increased.
  • Transparent casing on the clip-in point: Polyurethane (PU) tubing is more flexible, reducing pressure marks and kinking.

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