Alien Hybrid Revolution

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20% lighter and stronger than ever

There is still nothing quite like the Alien from Fixe Hardware, and the Alien Hybrid Revolution is an improvement on an already great design. They are 20% lighter than standard Aliens, with improved components and a narrower head width. These little offset babies are great for aid and free climbing alike; and are perfect for pin scars and weird pods. These Fixe cams feature stems that are very flexible in all axes, narrow head widths, and soft alloy cams with a large camming angle and a very innovative trigger design that works beautifully and is very durable.


Brand Name:
Fixe Hardware
Force Rating:
Black / Blue: 5 kN
Blue / Green: 6kN
Green / Yellow: 7kN
Yellow / Grey, Yellow / Red, Grey / Red: 10 kN
Black / Blue: 47 g
Blue / Green: 50 g
Green / Yellow: 55 g
Yellow / Grey: 60 g
Yellow / Red: 60 g
Grey / Red: 60 g
Number of Cam Lobes:
4 Cam
Cam Stem Type:
Flexible Single Stem
Axle Design:
Single Axle
Please see sizing chart
Other Features:
• 20% weight reduction
• Reduced head width for shallow placements
• Ergonomic rubber thumb pull
• Stronger aluminum cable swage
• Aluminum trigger components
• Replaceable steel trigger wires
• Riveted axle