Air Tech Racing S.A. Ice Axe



Super-light axe for snow and low-angle ice; T-rated head

The Grivel Air Tech Racing S.A. is the lightest forged steel ice axe in the world. The robust T-rated head is the same as used on Air Tech and Air Tech Evo but mated to a lighter, B-rated shaft. It is our experience that the mountains often put up more resistance than anticipated; the Air Tech Racing is for the climber that wants the lightest possible tool without sacrificing the strength and performance necessary to address unexpected challenges. The light alloy shaft features a gentle curve and is now is finished with a sharp, ChroMoly steel spike. It features the S.A. shaft, a slightly curved shaft that improves the hold on snow, permitting the "self-arrest" maneuver.


Brand Name:
398 g - 474 g
Other Features:
T-Rated head and B-rated shaft
Hot-forged head
ChroMoly steel
Classic, positive pick
Available in sizes 48cm, 53cm, 58cm, 66cm