Agility 9.1 - Duo Dry

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Triple-rated dry rope with Red Flag safety treatment

The Trango Agility 9.1 is designed to be the only rope you’ll ever need. Triple rated to serve duty as in a single, double, or twin setup and featuring Spider Wear for enhanced durability, this lightweight powerhouse goes anywhere and does everything from alpine to sport to trad. The Agility 9.1 comes standard with the proprietary RED FLAG treatment, to provide an enhanced level of safety during the riskiest parts of rappelling and lowering. The 9.1 combines cutting edge performance with revolutionary safety features to make Trango's most advanced rope yet. Duo Dry treatment for use in variable conditions


Rope Style:
• All Agility 9.1 ropes include the Red Flag treatment, contrast-dying the last 5M of the rope to provide a visual warning during rappelling and lowering
• Duo Dry treatment for use in variable conditions
• Spider Wear construction for enhanced durability
• Agility 1x1 weave for better performance and handling
• Triple Rated for single, double, & twin use

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