9.4 Dry Rope - Honnold Edition

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BD Athlete Alex Honnold doesn’t always rope up, but when he does it’s with the Black Diamond 9.4 Dry Honnold Edition. This rope seamlessly blends high-end specs with a durable construction that can handle day in and day out use. The 1X1 sheath is burly enough to withstand everyday abuse while the versatile diameter is equally suited for hard redpoint burns on sport projects or gunning up a sub one-hour push on the Nose. Honnold’s 9.4 hits the sweet spot for climbers who demand performance and need reliability.
The dry treated core and sheath repels moisture from the inside out, while the triple dash middle marker is easily identifiable. The handling knots easily and feeds through a belay device smoothly, making it perfectly suited for hard redpoint burns or projecting sessions on both ice and rock. On top of that, with each rope sold, a percentage of proceeds goes to the Honnold Foundation, which supports solar energy for a more equitable world.


Rope Style:
• Athlete Driven by Alex Honnold
• A percentage of proceeds supports the Honnold Foundation
• UIAA Dry—With a core and sheath that are dry treated, this rope is protected against weather from the inside out and meets the UIAA Water Repellent standard
• 1X1 Woven Sheath—Utilizing a 1X1 weave construction, BD's standard sheath is built to withstand everyday use
• Triple Dash Middle Marker—adds margin of safety for identifying middle of rope
• Climb Ready Coil—tie in for a pitch right out of the packaging
• Durability and Handling Balance—Purpose-built to balance both durability and great handling, BD ropes are not too stiff and not too soft, giving you a great feeling rope that knots easily, feeds through your belay device with ease, yet holds up to a barrage of use

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