316 3.5mm SS 3/8 Bolt Hanger

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Lighter and more reliable than ever

The Fixe Hardware 316 3.5mm SS 3/8 Bolt Hanger is a lighter, more reliable hanger with better torque control than previous versions.


Brand Name:
Fixe Hardware
Force Rating:
25 kN
57 g
Mfg Sku/Part Number:
Other Features:
Inox Steel 316L
Fixe Conical Washer:
The rim of the bolt anchor hole protrudes slightly into a conical shape, away from the wall. The act of pulling the bolt anchor will generate a spring effect that provides constant pressure against the wall, multiplying the strength of the torque. It also allows better control upon tightening.
Guiding the carabiner:
Thanks to its shape, when placed on a roof, the carabiner will be routed so that it never comes into contact with the projecting head of the bolt anchor.
Fixing pins around the bolt hole:
Applies more force to prevent the hanger from rotating and becoming mobile.
With a thickness of 3.5mm (previously 4mm) Fixe managed to reduce the weight by 12.5% in the 316L Inox steel version. It has gone from 64g to 56g in the new version and it is the most robust on the market.
Better contact:
Walls are irregular by nature, causing a partial contact of the hanger against the wall. The optimization of the hanger's contact area helps reduce the possibility of finding irregularities that prevent a contact between the wall and the hanger.

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