Powers SS 5-Piece Bolt

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Heavy-duty, vibration-resistant stainless bolt

The Powers 5-Piece sleeve bolt is a construction grade fastener that is commonly used as a climbing anchor. Expansion is created by tightening a threaded bolt which draws a tapered cone expanding a sleeve against the walls of the hole. The Powers 5-Piece bolt works well in soft rock where maximum expansion is required.


Please note that these anchors have only been tested in concrete. Due to variability in rock quality they have not been tested in a rock climbing application. The user assumes all risk when placing and/or using these anchors for rock climbing.


Brand Name:
Fixe Hardware
Other Features:
Three size options available:

• 1/2" x 4.75", Powers 5930, Power-Bolt Hex Head
• 1/2" x 2.75", Powers 5930, Power-Bolt Hex Head
• 3/8" x 3.5", Powers 5914, Power-Bolt Hex Head

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